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The Skellige is one of the four base factions in Gwent. It was introduced in the PC game as part of the Blood and Wine expansion pack.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Card Name Type Lane Power Loyalty Ability
Img-50136.png Berserker Marauder Bronze Melee 7 Loyal When moved to the graveyard transform into a Bear.
Img-50127.png Birna Bran Gold Ranged 10 Disloyal Draw 2 cards. Keep 1 and discard the other.
Img-5041.png Blueboy Lugos Silver Melee 6 Loyal Spawn a Spectral Whale on a random row on the opposing side.
Img-576.png Caretaker Gold Siege 6 Loyal Resurrect a non-Gold non-Permadeath unit from your opponent's graveyard.
Img-5001.png Cerys Gold Melee 8 Loyal When moved to the graveyard, convert to Silver.
Img-50128.png Champion of champions Silver Ranged 4 Loyal Gain 2 base strength at the start of your turn if it's the sole revealed unit on the row.
Img-50143.png Clan Brokvar Archer Bronze Siege 5 Loyal Gain Weather Immunity. Remove 1 strength from 3 non-Gold units.
Img-50137.png Clan Brokvar Hunter Bronze Ranged 5 Loyal Remove 3 strength from a non-Gold unit.
Img-5116.png Clan Dimun Pirate Captain Bronze Ranged 4 Loyal While in your hand, deck or on the battlefield, gain 1 strength whenever you discard a unit.
Img-5115.png Clan Dimun Pirate Bronze Ranged 5 Loyal Gain Weather Immunity. Discard all Clan Dimun Pirates from your deck.
Img-50144.png Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden Bronze Ranged 5 Loyal Whenever this unit is weakened but not destroyed, play an instance of it from your deck.
Img-50138.png Clan Heymaey Skald Bronze Melee or Ranged or Siege 4 Loyal Add 3 strength to adjacent non-Gold units.
Img-5106.png Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith Bronze Melee or Ranged or Siege 5 Loyal
Img-5107.png Clan Tordarroch Shieldsmith Bronze Siege 5 Loyal Add 2 base strength to a non-Gold unit on your side of the battlefield.
Img-50140.png Clan Tuirseach Axeman Bronze Ranged 4 Loyal Gain 1 strength whenever and opposing unit is weakened.
Img-50141.png Clan Tuirseach Skirmishers Bronze Melee 6 Loyal When resurrected, gain 3 base strength.
Img-5104.png Clan an Craite Raider Bronze Melee 4 Loyal Resurrect when discarded.
Img-5105.png Clan an Craite Warrior Bronze Melee 9 Loyal
Img-5005.png Coral Gold Ranged or Siege 6 Loyal Spawn the appropriate Weather effect on the opposite row only.
Img-50001.png Crach an Craite Leader Event Spawn 2 Clan an Craite Warriors.
Img-50129.png Django Frett Silver Siege 6 Loyal Discard a non-Gold unit from your deck, then shuffle your deck.
Img-5032.png Donar an Hindar Silver Ranged 13 Disloyal Immune to Weather. Draw a card. You may keep it, or discard it and draw another.
Img-5037.png Draig Bon–Dhu Silver Siege 4 Loyal Add 3 base strength to 2 non-Gold units in your graveyard.
Img-5002.png Ermion Gold Siege 6 Loyal Draw 2 cards, then discard 2 cards.
Img-50130.png Gremist Silver Siege 4 Loyal Remove 1 strength from 3 non-Gold units on your side of the battlefield. Gain 3 strength for each.
Img-50002.png Harald the Cripple Leader Event Remove 2 strength from all opposing non-Gold units.
Img-5000.png Hjalmar Gold Melee 15 Loyal Spawn a Lord of Undvik on the opposing side.
Img-50131.png Holger Blackhand Silver Ranged 6 Loyal Immune to Weather. Remove 2 strength from 3 non-Gold units.
Img-50132.png Jutta an Dimun Silver Melee 10 Loyal No ability.
Img-5003.png Kambi Gold Ranged 3 Disloyal After 3 turns, spawn Hemdall on this unit's side. Destroy Kambi whenever Hemdall appears on the same side.
Img-50126.png King Bran Leader Event Discard up to 3 cards from your deck. Shuffle your deck.
Img-50139.png Light Longship Bronze Siege 7 Loyal Gain Weather Immunity.
Img-5031.png Madman Lugos Gold Melee 4 Loyal After 2 turns, gain 1 base strength for each unit in your graveyard. When removed, set base strength to 4. (even when Locked)
Img-5043.png Morkvarg Silver Melee 6 Loyal When moved to the graveyard, lose 2 base strength and resurrect.
Img-5117.png Priestess of Freya Bronze Siege 1 Loyal Resurrect a Bronze non-Permadeath unit.
Img-5114.png Queensguard Bronze Melee 3 Loyal Resurrect all Queensguards and add 1 base strength to your Cerys unit, wherever it is.
Img-50135.png Raging Berserker Bronze Melee 6 Loyal Transform into a Raging Bear if weakened but not destroyed.
Img-50150.png Restoration Silver Event Add 2 to the base strength of a non-Gold, non-Permadeath unit in your graveyard, then resurrect it.
Img-5036.png Savage Bear Bronze Melee 4 Loyal Remove 1 strength from each non-gold unit played on the battlefield. Does not affect spawned units.
Img-5038.png Sigrdrifa Silver Siege 2 Loyal Resurrect a non-Gold, non-Permadeath unit. Gain 1 strength whenever a unit is played on your side from either graveyard.
Img-50133.png Skjall Silver Melee or Ranged or Siege 3 Loyal Lose 2 strength at the start of your turn. When removed from the battlefield, spawn Craven Revived on the same row.
Img-50134.png Svanrige Silver Siege 4 Loyal Draw 1 card, then discard 1 card.
Img-5033.png Udalryk Silver Melee 5 Loyal Resurrect a random non-Gold, non-Permadeath card from the opposing graveyard.
Img-50142.png War Longship Bronze Siege 4 Loyal Remove 2 strength from a random opposing non-Gold unit whenever you discard a unit.
Img-50206.png Wild Boar of the Sea Gold Siege 6 Loyal Remove 3 strength from a non-Gold unit, then 2 from a non-Gold unit, then 1 from a non-Gold unit.