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Charm is one of the keywords in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Charm: Move an enemy to the opposite row.


without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
Img-50374.png Aguara Gold Legendary Relict , Cursed 5 Choose Two: Boost the Lowest ally by 5; Boost a random unit in your hand by 5; Deal 5 damage to the Highest enemy; Charm a random enemy Elf with 5 power or less.
Neutral cards back.jpg
Img-50114.png Malena Silver Epic Elf 7 Ambush: After 2 turns, flip over and Charm the Highest Bronze or Silver enemy with 5 power or less.
Scoiatael deck.jpg
Img-50344.png Slave Hunter Bronze Rare Soldier 8 Charm a Bronze enemy with power 3 or less.
Nilfgaard deck.png