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Lock is one of the keywords in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Lock: Status that disables a card's abilities and removes other statuses. Disables and flips over face-down cards.


without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
Img-5032.png Donar an Hindar Silver Epic Clan Heymaey , Officer 8 Toggle a Unit's Lock status, then move a Bronze unit from your opponent's graveyard to yours.
Skellige deck.jpg
Img-50238.png King Radovid V Gold Legendary Leader , Redania 6 Toggle 2 Units' Lock. If enemies, damage them by 4 as well.


Northern deck.jpg
Img-50155.png Letho of Gulet Gold Legendary Witcher , Agent 1 Spying.

Toggle 2 units' Lock on the row, then Drain all their power.

Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-50058.png Margarita of Aretuza Silver Epic Mage , Temeria 6 Reset a Unit and toggle its Lock status.
Northern deck.jpg
Img-4037.png Morvudd Silver Epic Relict 6 Toggle a Unit's Lock status. If it's an enemy, halve its power.
Monsters deck.jpg
ImgID-201737.png Shupe: Knight Gold Legendary 8

Melee or Ranged or Siege

Neutral cards back.jpg