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Summon is one of the keywords in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
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without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
Img-50084.png Arachas Drone Bronze Common Insectoid 3 Summon all copies of this unit.
Monsters deck.jpg
ArachasHatchling.png Arachas Hatchling Bronze Common Insectoid , Token 3 Summon all Arachas Drones.
Monsters deck.jpg
Img-50068.png Botchling Silver Epic Cursed 10 Summon a Lubberkin.
Northern deck.jpg
Img-4100.png Foglet Bronze Common Necrophage 4 Whenever you apply Impenetrable Fog to an enemy row, Summon a copy of this unit on the opposite row.
Monsters deck.jpg
Img-50287.png Heymaey Spearmaiden Bronze Rare Clan Heymaey , Support 2 Deal 1 Damage to a Machine or Soldier Ally, then Summon a copy of it.
Skellige deck.jpg
Img-564.png Lambert Silver Epic Witcher 5 Summon Vesemir and Eskel.
Neutral cards back.jpg
Img-50069.png Lubberkin Silver Epic Cursed 5 Summon a Botchling.
Northern deck.jpg
Img-50407.png Mahakam Volunteers Bronze Rare Dwarf , Soldier 3 Summon all copies of this unit.
Scoiatael deck.jpg
Img-566.png Roach Silver Epic 4 Whenever you play a Gold unit from your hand, Summon this unit.
Neutral cards back.jpg
ImgID-201725.png Shupe: Mage Gold Legendary 2 Melee, Ranged, Siege Loyal
Neutral cards back.jpg
Img-562.png Vesemir Silver Epic Witcher 7 Summon Eskel and Lambert.
Neutral cards back.jpg