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Swap is one of the keywords in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Swap: Move a card from hand to deck and draw another in its place.


without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
  Elven Scout Bronze Rare Soldier , Elf 10 Swap a card.
  Francesca Findabair Gold Legendary Leader , Elf , Mage 7 Swap a card with one of your choice and boost it by 3.
  Ves Silver Epic Soldier , Temeria 12 Swap 2 cards.
  Vrihedd Vanguard Bronze Rare Elf , Soldier 6 Boost Elf allies by 1.

Whenever you Swap this card, trigger its ability.

  Wardancer Bronze Common Elf , Soldier 3 When you Swap this Unit, play it automatically on a random row.