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Vampire is one of the card categories in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, grouping the cards into races, monster classes, clans etc.


without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
Img-50089.png Ekimmara Bronze Rare Vampire 5 Drain a unit by 3.
Monsters deck.jpg
Img-50316.png Hubert Rejk Silver Epic Vampire 7 Drain all boosts from units in your deck.
Northern deck.jpg
Img-4041.png Nekurat Silver Epic Vampire 5 Spawn Moonlight.
Monsters deck.jpg
Img-552.png Regis Gold Legendary Vampire 1 Drain all boosts from a unit.
Neutral cards back.jpg
Img-50016.png Regis: Higher Vampire Gold Legendary Vampire 6 Look at 3 Bronze units from your opponent's deck. Consume 1, then boost self by its base power.
Neutral cards back.jpg
Img-50225.png Unseen Elder Gold Legendary Leader , Vampire 5 Drain a unit by half.
Monsters deck.jpg